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⇨ I have a very diverse group of patients from all walks of life. Some are young and some are old; some have jobs some don't. They have different cultures and different religions. But they all have families. It is a hobby of mine to ask them about their families. Whatever they feel comfortable revealing I get to have a glimpse into their family life. Some families are dysfunctional and some aren't. But all families have struggles and though they are different in some ways, they are not all that different. As a family doctor I feel that it is important for me to understand a little bit about each patient's family. I try to commit those facts to my memory and it surprises my patients that a year or two later I still remember what they told me like how their daughter attended and graduated from what school or how their aunt got a divorce or remarried, etc. Our families shape us as who we are, whether we like it or not. A lot of my patients ask me about my family when they are in to see me and I love it they are interested in knowing about me and my family. So I tell them about my wife and my kids, how junior is obessed w/ his grades and how my youngest one Joseph got into fights at school and got called into the principal's office... I really enjoy my patients and getting to know their families has been a privilege and excitement in my career. -James Kwak, MD

2016-02-08 22:06:16

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⇨ Being a family doctor in this day and age can be tough, especially because the work never ceases. The work doesn't end at the office but continues into the home and into the wee hours and even into vacations. A new patient recently left this review for our practice, anonymously: "I think we found our new family doctor for life!" Whoever it was, I thank you for this lift-me-up comment. It is that sense that I am making a difference in your lives that keeps me going as a family doctor even when the going gets tough... Blessings, J. Kwak, MD

2015-12-11 22:26:22

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⇨ Starting in January of '16, anyone who wishes to become a new patient at KFM will be put on a waiting list. In order for the person in the waiting list to become our patient, an existing patient would have to leave us to open up a spot. This change is necessary because we currently have over 3,000 ACTIVE patients in the practice who call on us regularly and taking care of them has become very time consuming. We want to continue to do our very best for our existing patients and so we have to limit the new patients that are coming in. We are very grateful for the support that our patients and friends have shown us over the past 5 years to make this possible. If anyone has contemplated becoming our patient, now is the time to enroll because the month of December is quickly passing and our doors to new patients will close at the end of this year. Thank you, J. Kwak, MD

2015-12-03 06:08:06

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⇨ From all of us at Kwak Family Medicine, PC, we wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving! Our office will be closed on Thanksgiving Day but will reopen on Friday.

2015-11-25 23:30:38

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⇨ As the flu vaccines are underway, it has come to our attention that some patients are getting their flu vaccines at the pharmacy or at the places of their employment or even at the senior centers. While this practice is totally ok and Dr. Kwak is happy that KFM patients are getting immunized, there is a benefit of receiving your flu vaccines at KFM because it is easier to keep track of your vaccination records if you receive them here. Your vaccine records will all go into a section of your chart for vaccines. If later on, one of us has to open up your chart to quickly glance at your vaccine records, it is nice and neatly present in all one place if you received them here. Your vaccine record if received from outside are still in the chart but in a different section included with outside medical records so unless you point out to us that you received them outside, it may not become obvious later on if we have to quickly pull that record out. This is just an observation made, but we still prefer that you get your vaccines rather than not.

2015-10-13 03:24:01

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⇨ Dr. Kwak passed his 1st degree black belt test in Kumdo. He is now a 1st Dan. What he started 2 yrs ago to stimulate his patients to get more physical and for his personal fitness he has persisted to this milestone. Don't let your busy schedule and age deter you from pursuing your dream, everyone.

2015-10-10 21:15:27

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⇨ A patient recently shared that he's stopped smoking and that he's putting the cigarette money each day into a piggy bank for his next vacation. What a great idea! Replace 'cigarette' with drug, alcohol, foods or whatever your bad habit is. Let's go on vacations, dear Kwak Family Medicine, PC patients.

2015-10-10 21:09:40

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⇨ Kwak Family Medicine is sponsoring Release3 through Compassion Internationals to find sponsors for 3 poverty-stricken children in different countries. Please take a look at the display and poster in our office. If you are interested please talk to us. It is a wonderful opportunity to get involved in a child's life and impact them through your prayers/financial support. KFM has been involved in the lives of 3 kids since our opening.

2015-09-16 10:42:08

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⇨ Flu vaccinations are in. Please come in to get your flu vaccines. Walk-ins are ok for flu vaccines.

2015-08-29 00:42:35

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⇨ Our office is closed on 8/29/15 (Saturday). Starting September, our office wil be closed every 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month.

2015-08-29 00:41:58

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⇨ Our office power is back on; our phones are working. Everything is back to normal!

2015-06-24 12:07:39

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⇨ There seems to be a power outage for our office complex due to the tornado that just passed us. It is uncertain when the power will be back but until then it is most likely going to slow our office down. Our phones will likely be down. These are alternate phone nos that we can be reached: 856) 581-1602 or 856)873-3266 We are also available via email at [email protected] We will keep everyone posted through social media on facebook. Our office will be open on Wednesday 6/24/15.

2015-06-24 05:11:23

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⇨ Dr. Kwak will be participating in a regional martial arts championship this Saturday, May 30th. Anyone wishing to come out to support Dr. Kwak and his kids and to see an unfamiliar martial arts called Kumdo (Kendo) is welcome to come. (no tickets) Time: 10AM~7PM. Children 10AM~12PM. Adults 1PM~7PM. Location: 1995 Marlton Pike (Rt. 70), E. Cherry Hill, NJ (First Korean United Methodist Church Dr. Kwak has devoted over 3yrs into this martial arts; there will be over 170 contestants but it will be easy to spot Dr. Kwak and the Kwak kids. See you there.

2015-05-25 23:44:15

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⇨ Happy Memorial Day!

2015-05-25 23:36:33

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⇨ Please check out Dr. Kwak's reviews on patientfusion.com.

2015-04-28 15:25:26

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